Payable accounts

Modernity, efficiency and practicality when it comes to managing payment flows.

ControlXRM has the ideal solution for the Payable Accounts area of commercial enterprises.

Our platform makes your life easier by eliminating several repetitive tasks from your routine. You won’t have to manually take care of approval forms, invoices and tickets: the Payable Accounts module automates the entire process.

The documents, attachments and invoices are automatically uploaded to the platform, being submitted to the workflow of approving actions – which has hierarchical levels by approval value.

After approval, the document is released for submission to the bank and subsequent settlement of payment and reconciliation.

The budget is always evaluated every time the amounts are appropriated in the financial accounts. The platform allows the control of expenses linked to the budget, budget validation, management of payment vouchers and identification of financial accounts.

All entries in current accounts are reconciled against the events of receipts and payments with graphical control and by reports, allowing clear and objective vision for decision making

Check out some features of the Payable Accounts module

  • Custom approval handles
  • Purchase order management with approval workflow
  • Purchase budget
  • Title to pay registration with payment approval workflow
  • Analysis of the balance sheet of financial accounts
  • Title map
  • Financial chart of accounts, balance sheet, purchase orders
  • Price quote
  • Shipping file
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Customized dashboard for quick analysis of Payable accounts (with detail per account or grand total) and decision making
  • Possibility of export to Excel

Modernize your payable accounts processes!

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